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New Generation Renewable energy

The Sun: the inexhaustible energy source. Solar energy is without doubt inextricably linked to our future. Many people do realize this and make investments in solar panels at their private property. Larger solar systems built at industrial estates as well as solar fields are required in order to meet the envisaged energy neutral society and to reach the targets for carbon dioxide emission levels.

ZonXP guarantees a successful realisation of your solar project, irrespective whether it concerns a roof top- or a field project. We are a long-standing solar energy producer and gain the energy from solar systems designed, built and operated by ourselves. ZonXP manages the entire process from initial contact, through all legal-, finance-, permitting-, technical- and exploitation stages up to the contracted delivery of energy to the public grid.

Sustainability is in our company-DNA. It is how we think and act. It effects the way we build and maintain our relationships. It infuses us while selecting our financial- and engineering partners. It navigates us in working with social partners, governments and interest groups.
ZonXP conducts an open business model. We are open to co-operation with local governments, cooperative societies, and landlords/owners

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