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Solar Parks

Sustainable relationships for renewable energy

Large solar systems frequently sited in agricultural areas are commonly called “solar farms or solar parks”. To ZonXP, the phrase ‘farm or park’ is not just a meaningless empty conception but to the contrary, it is of superb importance to us. We feel obliged to decently landscaping the “farm” or “park” in order to achieve the solar systems seamlessly fitting into the surroundings. Leading principle is to gain existing- or create new eco habitats and to strive for a minimum impact on environment. That is the reason that ZonXp partners with leading landscape architects and design studios.

ZonXP designs a field solar farm in close co-operation with landowner and local government. ZonXP masters the entire process stretching out from feasibility study and achieving public support, permitting and funding up to engineering, commissioning and exploitation.

ZonXP seeks for long standing relationships with landlords. Financing of our activities is exclusively secured with Dutch trustful ranked financial institutes endorsing sustainability and integrity.

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Call +31 6 11 950 367 or e-mail to arnout.hoek@zonxp.nl