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Rooftop Solar Systems

Best use of your rooftop

Larger business premises rooftops are excellently suitable for hosting solar energy systems. As the installation doesn’t physically block any business activity, it utilizes this space efficiently not only in an economic-, but also in a social meaning thus contributing to your targeted reduction of your companies carbon footprint.

Double benefit is reached if your business processes  “beneath the roof’ requires a relative large amount of electricity. The generated electric energy can be fed directly into your own switch boards and power consumers.

ZonXP knows how. The team of ZonXP developed an impressive number of huge rooftop systems which are still in operation. ZonXP doesn’t target the lowest initial price but focusses on the lowest cost of ownership as a system has a life time of at least 25 years. Guarding the quality of your rooftop is one of our main objectives.

Interested to get more sustainable and make use of your valuable rooftop? ZonXP takes care for the entire process from design, finance, mounting and assembly to exploitation. All without the necessity of any investment from your site.

Learn more and contact us:

Call +31 6 11 950 367 of mail to Arnout.hoek@zonxp.nl